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Working with Meat Rabbits on a Homestead 

Time for a change

Here at the Hopping Homestead we are passionate about the benefits of using rabbits for small homesteads and urban farming. 

Rabbits are a quiet animal that utilize little space, consume food humans cannot eat and in return give families an incredibly healthy source of meat and instantly usable compost for their gardens!

With the changing global economy, families taking small steps to lessen the impact of factory farming, pesticide use and transportation emissions will create a positive change for the world! 

We believe in thinking globally but acting locally, starting within people's own backyards! 

Why We Love Rabbits

The Benefits of Buns

Rabbits were once a widely farmed animal in the US, with at least one trio living on small family farms, providing food and garden compost throughout all seasons.

Now with reemerging interests in gardening and healthy living, more and more people are turning back to rabbits as an economical, environmentally healthy and humane way to put food on the table. 

It is no secret that with the onset of the Covid pandemic, food supplies and worries about food scarcity were a paramount concern. Imagine the sense of peace and security you would have knowing that your rabbits would provide you with meat as well as compost for your home garden during trying times. 

Rabbits are clean, quiet animals that can be kept in small areas and fed at a relatively low cost, and 100% of the waste from a rabbit setup can be used to create a healthy, vibrant garden. They reproduce quickly and can go from birth to table in less than three months. 

Our Breeders

Rex Rabbits

We currently specialize in Rex rabbits, as a dual purpose rabbit that provides meat and excellent pelts. We work hard to develop lines that have great growth and excellent fur.