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Rabbit Housing

Different Hutches for Meat Rabbits

There are three main types of housing for rabbits: all wire cages, wire and wood combinations, and all wooden hutches. Each one of these housing styles has advantages and disadvantages. 

All wire cages are the most sanitary option, and are the best choice for a beginner. The wire allows feces and urine to pass through and keeps the rabbits in consistently clean conditions, away from waste that can harbor diseases and parasites. Resting mats should be provided to give the rabbit and area to rest that is not directly on the wire. 

Wire cages are the least safe from predators, and can result in large amounts of kit loss from babies being born "on the wire" instead of inside a nestbox. Extra precautions will need to be taken to avoid these situations.

Wood and wire combinations are the most popular hutch design that are required by city ordinances. Many localities will have specifications on how many square feet of the cage needs to be wire, and how many need to be wood. These designs allow for a constant resting area as well as room for feces and urine to fall through. 

All wooden hutches are the safest cage for avoiding predators and kit loss, but they take the most work to keep clean. Using bedding that is changed daily, as well as litterbox training your breeders, will help keep these cages in great condition. 

Our Breeders

Rex Rabbits

We currently specialize in Rex rabbits, as a dual purpose rabbit that provides meat and excellent pelts. We work hard to develop lines that have great growth and excellent fur.